Why is Effy Jewelry So Expensive? [15 Reasons Why]

why is effy jewelry so expensive

Effy Jewellery is known for its high-end luxurious look and feel. It has become a symbol of affluence and opulence, setting it apart from other jewelry brands. Even those who cannot afford Effy’s signature pieces can appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship, and prestige of its designs.

It can range from $34 to $9,500 and even more. Many jewelry lovers are curious to know why is effy jewelry so expensive?

Effy Jewelry is expensive because of naturally mined diamonds, colored gemstones, craftsmanship, and designs that go into each piece. This brand spends a huge amount to maintain its standard and rarity through celebrity outlook. No doubt its quality is up to the mark to beat all competitors.

The never-ending passion of Effy’s delivering high-level craftsmanship attracts customers around the globe despite its high pricing. When you get more than what pay, you never regret it!

Why is Effy Jewelry So Expensive

There are countless reasons for Effy’s Jewellry’s high pricing. The major one is costly gemstones, diamonds, and gold that go into its manufacturing. From craftsmanship to marketing this brand always maintains its exceptional quality and rarity. Let’s uncover all reasons that make Effy Jewlerry costly:

#1- Use High-End Material( Real Diamonds)

This is largely due to the materials that are used in their pieces. Effy uses only the highest quality beads, gemstones, metals, and materials when creating their jewelry. These materials are sourced from around the world to ensure that only the best quality is included in each piece. On customer demand, they deliver naturally mined diamonds and even gold-plated jewelry. 

#2- Unique Design Cost

The unique designs are what set them apart from other jewelry brands. To achieve this, they often hire professional jewelry designers who know how to create intricate and stylish pieces. This cost is passed on to the customer, as the designers need to be compensated for their hard work. Additionally, the craftsmanship required to make these pieces often means paying a lot of money to get the desired results. Therefore, the unique design cost is a factor in why Effy Jewellery is so expensive.

#3- Huge Marketing Cost

One of the reasons that Effy Jewelry is so expensive is due to the cost associated with marketing. Celebrities are often seen wearing Effy jewelry, and the brand spends a great deal of money to market its products on different social media channels. It also pays for models and photographers to showcase their new releases to jewelry lovers. All of this comes at a cost, and that cost is built into the price of the jewelry. This means that customers who buy Effy jewelry are paying for not only the quality of the product but also the brand’s marketing efforts.

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#4- Branding Cost

Effy Jewellery is a very well-known and reputable brand. It takes a lot of money for the brand to maintain its high standard and reputation. In order to beat the competition, Effy Jewellery must also spend money to make sure that its brand is recognizable, respected, and well-known. The branding itself adds to the product’s price tag, making it worth the cost.

#5- Effy AGS Certified 

Effy is a partner of the American Gem Society (AGS), a non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the gem and jewelry industry. The AGS is committed to ethical business practices and provides educational resources to its members. This commitment to excellence ensures that Effy’s customers know they are getting only the highest quality products. 

#6- Craftsmanship Cost

One of the factors that make Effy Jewelry so expensive is the high average salaries of its employees. The company takes great care in hiring the best and brightest in the industry, and thus they pay their employees an average salary of $198,280. Depending on experience, location, and department, salaries can range from as low as $175,513 to as high as $223,198. This cost is ultimately reflected in the price of the jewelry, making it more expensive than other brands.

#7- Award-Winning Brand

Their unique design and signature style have earned them multiple awards, such as the Jewelers’ Choice Design Award and the Women’s Jewelry Association’s Jewelry of the Year Award. 

#8- Celebrity Outlook

They hire celebrities to launch new pieces of jewelry. Celebrities often have high rates to display commercial products, and this can drive up the cost. However, this kind of star power can be necessary to boost jewelry sales, making it a worthwhile investment. Celebrities such as Sofia Vergara and Adriana Lima have been featured in ads for Effy jewelry, so you know it’s the real deal!

#9- Expert Customer Service Cost

They offer expert customer service which adds more to its cost. . Not only do they provide 24/7 customer service through their website, but they also have a phone number that customers can call during specific hours. Customers can reach out to the team at 1-877-ASK-EFFY (1-877-275-3339), Monday through Thursday 9:30 am thru 5:00 pm EST, Fridays 9:30 am thru 2:30 pm EST. Customers can fill out a form on the website for help with any issues or concerns. All of these are not free they have to pay indeed!

#10- Free Return Policy Cost

The Effy team understands if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, so they offer a 30-day return window from the time of purchase so you can get a full refund or exchange for another piece in their collection. The Effy has to pay out of pocket for this return policy. It is added to the budget of the company and obviously in the price tag!

is effy jewelry real diamonds

#11- Huge Plating Cost

The cost of plating for a single piece of jewelry can range from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Plating is the process of covering a base metal, such as gold or silver, with a thin layer of precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. It helps protect the base metal from oxidation and corrosion and adds a luxurious, polished finish. At Effy Jewellery, they only use the finest plating techniques and use only the highest quality materials. This ensures that their jewelry will maintain its exquisite look and feel over time. While it may add an additional cost to the final price of a piece, it also ensures that your jewelry will last for many years to come.

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#12- Luxury Smbol

Effy jewelry has become a status symbol among the wealthy and fashionable elite. Its designer pieces feature intricate designs with precious metals and stones, making them highly sought after. Wearing Effy jewelry is a way to show off one’s wealth and social standing. The brand is only available at high-end retailers, and people are willing to pay high prices for the luxury of owning a piece. It has become a symbol of affluence and luxury, setting it apart from other jewelry brands. Even those who cannot afford Effy’s signature pieces can appreciate their beauty, craftsmanship, and prestige.

#13- Packaging Cost

One of the major reasons why Effy Jewellery is so expensive is the cost of packaging. Every piece of jewelry from Effy is carefully packed in intricate boxes, making them perfect for gifting and protecting jewelry. The packaging material itself is quite costly and has to be purchased by Effy themselves, adding more to its price. Additionally, they hire professional experts to prepare the boxes and take extra care to make sure that the product reaches its destination safely. All of these efforts contribute to the higher pricing of Effy Jewellery.

#14- Shipment Cost

When it comes to the cost of Effy jewelry, one of the biggest contributors is the cost of shipment. While the company is known for its exclusive sales, they also only sell in certain stores. As a result, shipping stock to those stores on time and as demand can be a very costly endeavor. Not only do they need to get the product to the store in perfect condition, they also need to pay for the fuel costs associated with getting it there. This can lead to a significant increase in cost for the customer, as the price must include the shipment and related fuel expenses.

#15- Rarity Cost

Effy Jewellery and Rarity Cost are other factors to consider. This refers to the fact that only a few pieces are produced each season and the designs are kept rare. This contributes to the luxury feel associated with the brand and increases its value in the eyes of customers. As such, it allows Effy to increase its prices due to the exclusivity of its products. The combination of rarity and luxurious appeal is what sets Effy apart from other jewelry brands and adds to the overall cost of their products.

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Is Effy Real Diamonds

Yes, Effy Jewellery manufacturers use real diamonds in their most expensive collections. However, not all pieces have real diamonds. They charge honestly for what they deliver.  They source only high-end, ethically-mined diamonds and gemstones, which is one of the main reasons that make this jewelry so expensive.

To ensure quality, all of their diamonds and gemstones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or similar reputable organizations. This certification guarantees that the diamonds are authentic and conflict-free.

Does Effy Use Natural Gemstone

Yes, Effy Jewellery is known to use natural gemstones in its products. They are sourced from all over the world and each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted with a special eye for detail. Effy Jewllery uses over 150,000 carats of natural gemstones each year, such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. These are mined from different locations around the globe and then cut to precision for their jewelry pieces. 

Where is Effy Jewelly Made

Effy jewelry is crafted in the United States of America. Its main office is located in New York, New York, 10036, where all of its shipments are sent out to retailers. All pieces of Effy jewelry are handcrafted and designed in the U.S. by their team of talented artisans. The address of Effy Jewelry’s headquarters is 7 W 45th St Fl 11, New York, New York, 10036, United States.

Bottom Lines

Ending with a bit of advice,  always buy from its registered retailers. This will ensure that you get an authentic and quality product at a fair price. You should also look for the price logo when purchasing Effy jewelry, as this is a sign that the product is genuine and has been manufactured by the company.

Avoiding fake dealers is also essential, as these products may be made with inferior materials and won’t last as long as authentic. Effy jewelry. With a little extra effort and research, you can be sure that your purchase will be one you can treasure for many years to come.

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